AIA Inline Inspection

Every day, oil and gas pipelines transport critical resources that help fuel the economy, vital industries,​ and ultimately our communities. Using pipelines to transport these products is the safest and most​ efficient delivery method. To put this in perspective, it would literally take thousands of tanker trucks​ running day and night to replicate delivery capacity of pipelines, which is impractical from both a​ safety and cost standpoint. However, despite their efficiency, pipelines often come under scrutiny​ from government officials and the public because the  consequences of a failure can be very high.​

​PureHM’s SmartBall platform is the most sensitive confirmation of containment tool available to the oil and gas industry. Whether it is used as part of the regular ILI cycle or for a specific critical pipeline that carries a high risk, the SmartBall tool can catch product losses that other systems cannot. This makes it an excellent complementary tool to existing integrity and ILI programs, and allows operators to create a best-in-class program that emphasizes safety and precision.​