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Let’s Apply the Power of e

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The Series e-1510 and ecocirc XL are vital to B&G’s success, so we’re providing you with an enhanced kit of materials to help you get geared up! Early next month, be on the lookout for a box containing the technical information you’ll need, along with samples of brochures and promotional items that will be available for you to order online.



Tools & Templates

MyAdExpress Tool


Quick Start Guide

You can use Xylem’s new MyAdExpress tool, our new digital asset and template-based production system, to expand B&G’s reach by creating your own customized materials to support the Power of e campaign. Just follow the instructions shown on the enclosed quick reference guide, and you’re on your way to making high-quality, print-ready sell sheets, posters, post cards and other materials that will help you communicate the Power of e to your customers.



eCard Generator

ecard tool

Something new in store! Check out our custom Power of e e-card generator to create cool communications. Upload your own photo, choose from a list of e-words, and craft a message for your customers or partners. Available for both PC and mobile devices, too.





 eMail Marketing

Outbound e-mail marketing for the Power of e campaign started in mid- September  2013 and will continue on a regular basis through 2014. Using Marketo, Xylem’s powerful new database/contact management tool, we’ll send out a series of e-blasts designed to reinforce Power of e benefits to customers and create additional touchpoints for the campaign. We’ll send these to a combined database of more than 50,000 prospective targets gained from key industry publications.

IMPORTANT: B&G reps can use Marketo too! Leverage Xylem’s purchasing scale to get these advanced contact management tools at no charge. Send out our content, or yours, to your customers quickly and easily, while avoiding the risk of being shut down by your ISP. If you’d like to set up a time for a demo of this tool please use the contact us form and let us know the best time for us to contact you.

We have also created templates that you can download here to customize and send as an attachment to your email.

right click to download the template

Right click to download the template

Right click to download the template

Right click to download the template